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treatment template

Branded Content

A treatment is your creative concept. This template contains all the key info to include. Fill this in to create a treatment you can send to the brand or client for feedback. 


Shoot Prep checklist

Branded Content

Before you start creating your content for a brand, use this checklist to check that you have everything you need before shooting. It's easier to prepare before a shoot than make more edits after!


Sending content to a brand - checklist

Branded Content

 When you've created your content, you need to send it to the brand!

Use our checklist here to check that you've got everything sorted before sending your content to the brand. 


Itinerary Template

Branded Content & Events

Before you set off on an event, you need to make sure you have all the details right?? Get the brand to fill in this document so that you have ALL of the details you need. 


Campaign checklist

Branded Content

 When a brand reaches out, you need to know what you're agreeing too! 

We've pulled together a checklist which you can fill in all the details you need to know so you fully understand the opportunity.


Campaign brief 

Branded Content

Get the brand to fill this in so that you know all the details of the campaign. This will help you when pricing and when making your content.

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