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I'm already doing branded content, how do I make more money?

You’ve already worked on brand deals, but are looking to get to the next level, where you can make more money from branded content.

The money you can make from branded content varies so much. Some brands pay top dollar for creators to make content, whereas others don’t pay very much at all. At the beginning of your career working on brand deals, you will most likely work on projects that don’t pay loads, and on brands with smaller budgets as you are still finding your feet and learning how it all works.

Below are three areas to think about:

What are brands looking for?

If you understand what a brand is looking for, you will better understand how they see your channel and content and why they would pick to work with you or not. You can then use these learnings to think about what things

  • Think about formats that you can create in your organic content that you could easily fit brands into. This may require you to start formats from scratch. You can then use to sell to brands

  • Tag the brands you want to work with in content that they are featured in

  • Get the data to show how valuable you can be to a brand - Use trackable links

  • Brand safety -

  • Reach out to brands

  • Premium content

  • Diversify your content and channels

  • Media kits

  • Grow your audience and your engagement

Can I learn from my past experiences with brands?

You learn so much from working with brands. Whether it’s pricing yourself differently, or agreeing to a different timeline or content format, learn from what worked well and what didn’t work so well when you’ve worked with brands before.

Things to think about:

  • Was I happy with the price I charged?

  • Did the content I made work well with my audience?

  • Did I give myself enough time?

  • Would I do anything differently?

  • Did I agree to things I wouldn’t want to again?

  • Were there any problems that happened that I want to avoid in future? (e.g problems with delivery of the product I am to promote)

What is the feedback from brands?

Asking brands for feedback, and making a note of how you performed and why you performed that way is a good idea when working with brands.

  1. By asking for feedback you 1. Learn, from a brand’s perspective, what they like and dislike; 2. Show them that you are open to improving which always goes down well.

  2. You can use brand testimonials to help sell you in to other brands in the future

  3. You can assess whether you priced yourself well, given your performance and the time you put in to create the content

  4. You get a feel for what content works, and what engagement to expect from your audience on branded content

The more you work with brands, the more you get a feel for what works for you and your audience. This will help you to charge fees you are comfortable with, and to partner with brands who are a good fit for your channel.

Working with brands isn’t the only way to make money as an influencer. Keep an eye out for our blogs where we will chat through other ways of making money as a creator!


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