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What is Affiliate Marketing?

You know those ‘click my link in bio for my outfit’ posts, or whenever your fave creator says swipe up to shop these shoes they are wearing? And it’s not an AD? That is, more often than not, influencer affiliate marketing.

Put simply, affiliate marketing is another way influencers can make money. By getting your audience to click on a link, and then making a purchase, you can make commission. Simple! (Although not just any link - you need to get a tracking link from either an affiliate marketing platform or the brand itself. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to get them below)

In the simplest of terms, if a brand can attribute the sale of a product online to you, you can make money. As long as you and the brand are part of an affiliate scheme.

What is it?

In simple terms, influencers often put links to what they are wearing or using either in their bio, blog, post or as a swipe up. If you click on a link, and buy something as a result of clicking that link (in most cases) whether you buy the product the influencer linked to, or you buy something from the site where the product is being sold, the influencer can make money.

Creators make a % of the total value of either the product or the total basket you end up buying. This typically ranges from 10%-25% of the total product or basket value.

Are there other types of affiliate marketing?

You can earn money either when someone has clicked on a link you have shared (cost per click), or when someone buys a product because of a link you have shared (cost per acquisition). Cost per acquisition is much more frequent than cost per click affiliate marketing. There’s more incentive for the brand. All of those use ‘MYBLOG10 for 10% off’ posts can also be a form of affiliate marketing. It is one of the many ways brands use to track whether partnerships with creators converts to sales. You may or may not make commission using the code, however, as it depends on whether you are using the code as part of a paid brand deal or not.

Amazon is doing it too…..

Amazon launched Amazon Associate, their affiliate marketing program. This means that you can make money off of all of those mad, but super useful, finds that have changed your life on Amazon. The TikTok video you made with those leggings could actually make you some money... Get your followers to buy through one of your links and hey presto - you get commission.

Here’s how it works:

Apply to be on their affiliate programme.

  1. Get approved.

  2. Create affiliate links on Amazon.

  3. Share links of the products you are promoting to your audience.

  4. Get paid whenever one of your followers clicks on the link and buys something.

How do I get my link?

Apply to an affiliate program or platform, or reach out to brands and ask if they are doing an affiliate programme.

Sign up to an affiliate platform such as rewardStyle, or LikeToKnowIt (now collectively known as LTK), or MagicLinks. Here’s a list of some to reach out to:

You usually have to apply to affiliate platforms/platforms, but they are relatively easy to get on. It’s also worth looking at which brands the platform works with to see if they are the brands, or types of brands, you organically feature in your content.

Not all platforms work with all brands - some of the bigger ones will work with many brand verticals (fashion, beauty, tech etc), and some will focus on specific verticals. Often they are better for life and style brands, such as beauty or fashion.

Will using affiliate links annoy my followers?

Affiliate marketing is so commonly used now, much like brand deals, so your followers should be used to seeing these kind of links now. Affiliate links are much less in your face than branded content as a form of marketing, so is an authentic way to monetise your audience. You are more often than not promoting a brand or product anyway by featuring them as part of your daily routine video or weekend outfit post, so it makes sense to earn commission from your recommendations.

Be authentic - Affiliate marketing works because you are linking out to the brands and products you organically feature in your content. Avoid featuring brands that make no sense for you or your audience. It’s better to link to products that you naturally would feature. If you push a product that your audience doesn't buy, then you won’t make money from sharing your link, and this may look inauthentic to your audience.

Be honest - take your followers along with you. If you are open with your followers about using affiliate links, your community is likely to be supportive. Don’t hide the fact you are using affiliate links. Remember, you need to make a living in order to have the time to create your content! Your audience follow you because they love your content, and so will generally be supportive of you monetising your platforms. By being open and honest, your audience will feel like they are supporting you when they make purchases from your links.

Our advice - start applying to affiliate marketing platforms and monetise your audience! Let us know how you get on!


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