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Creatorkind is built for creators

From our industry experience

We are the toolkit for influencers. From help with how to price yourself, to contracts and how to negotiate with brands, our platform empowers creators like you to own your influence, on your own terms, without needing to sign to management.

We make the industry Fairer for Creators​

By levelling the playing field

We give creators choice and control

So they can easily make informed decisions

And own their own influence, for real.

Get in touch at for more info.

Meet The Team

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Kerrie Daly

CO-Founder & CEO

Ex-Disney (Maker Studios) and Ex-Studio 71

I have spent the last 6 years working with some of the biggest (and smallest!) creators across the globe at  world leading MCNs, Talent Management and entertainment companies including Disney’s Maker Studios and Studio 71.

I've worked with a network of 55K channels, a roster which included some of the world’s largest YouTubers in almost every country you can think of. Brand deals, tv shows, events, shepherding creators to Marvel premieres or chaperoning them to shoots in Singapore, you name it, I've done it all!

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Stephen Harris



I started selling on Amazon whilst studying at Cambridge. I built and sold a successful product business which allowed me to leave my job at Amazon, and to hire the first Sitruna employee. Since then, I have built a successful e-commerce business, growing sales to over £1.5M, without taking outside investment.


I have scaled the business through automating as much as possible and have built both a successful notebook brand on Amazon, and a leading e-commerce consultancy business. 

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Social Media Manager


I have over 5 years experience in social media and content creation, having run social for heavyweights WGSN and Paperchase, & the knitting boutique Wool And The Gang. I have worked with creators on the brand side, so I understand how brands work with talent in practice, not just theory. 

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