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If you had the tools, knowledge and community to control your own influencer journey, without needing to sign up to management, would you?

We believe all creators should be able to control their own influence


we are

Own your influence

We are disruptors
We are transparent
We are for creators

Our Features

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We share our knowledge so you are empowered to make your own devisions. From how to navigate the industry and what to do, including how to negotiate to how to work with brands.


To empower you to run and control your channel and opportunities yourself.
Our tools include contract builders, pricing calculators and more.


We help you understand what your data means and how to use it. Our Dashboard displays actual, useful data, and pulls into our tools.


To support you and be there when you need a bit of extra advice.
Join our community to ask the questions you need answers to, and share your experiences.Our 

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